All In A Day's Shoot - The Anticipation

Ever looked forward to something so much that you were just bursting?! Literally bubbling over?! Remember that feeling you got as a kid on Christmas morning?! You know the one where you just can’t sleep and you woke up at 5am just dying to rip into the presents! After a day of shooting that is the feeling I get. EVERY TIME.
There are so many components to MY creative process. It might start with an idea, an image or even just a simple walk. I so enjoy the solitary act of being out there walking around the streets of downtown Toronto my camera in hand, all alone, enjoying the sites, smells and sounds of the city. There is something to be said for having that time to myself to go out and create. To be able to document the things I see through my eyes is all in a day’s shoot or day’s adventure.
Then comes my absolute favorite part of all in this creative process: the editing process. Here comes that feeling again! It’s bubbling over inside! I can feel it and can hardly contain myself! The anticipation and excitement having built up to the pressure point. I take my camera out of the backpack I got for my birthday a month ago; I open the door on my camera to eject the memory card. I insert my memory card into my computer and copy all the files over to a folder on my hard drive. Next, I throw some music on, get in the right headspace and begin to put my personal touch, or “digital signature” if you will, on each of the images I have captured during the course of the day.
The moment of magic, when what I created in the camera that day comes to life on the screen in front of me! To be able to get these images from camera to canvas is just pure joy for me. Creating images that invoke feelings and thoughts. It’s such a natural high!

Photographers - Stop Obsessing and Get Out There and Shoot

As the saying goes…. There is more than one way to skin a cat, meaning there are several possible ways of doing something.

Now I am going to go out on a limb here and say this saying applies to learning. Everybody learns or absorbs information in different ways. I personally learn through reading, listening and making very detailed notes which I can refer back to later when putting it into practice. I have found over time this is the best method for me to learn how to do something.

I think I can safely speak for the majority of people or at least a large number of people when I say the best way to learn is through good old fashioned hands on training or experience. So when it comes to photography, yes you do have to learn the technical aspects of the craft and your tool which can be done by reading or classes to get a general understanding but if you don’t put it into practice, you aren’t going to fully learn it. Don’t get caught up too much in the technical particulars of photography. You have to get out there and just shoot.

Sitting on your ass and reading about or watching training videos and attending photography seminars is all well and good but nothing beats getting out there with camera in hand and playing around with the camera, experimenting, putting the things you have learned into practice. It’s all meaningless if you aren’t doing something with your new found knowledge.

The more you shoot and experiment, the better the photographer you will become. Stop obsessing over the technical and the training videos and get out there and SHOOT!