All In A Day's Shoot - The Anticipation

Ever looked forward to something so much that you were just bursting?! Literally bubbling over?! Remember that feeling you got as a kid on Christmas morning?! You know the one where you just can’t sleep and you woke up at 5am just dying to rip into the presents! After a day of shooting that is the feeling I get. EVERY TIME.
There are so many components to MY creative process. It might start with an idea, an image or even just a simple walk. I so enjoy the solitary act of being out there walking around the streets of downtown Toronto my camera in hand, all alone, enjoying the sites, smells and sounds of the city. There is something to be said for having that time to myself to go out and create. To be able to document the things I see through my eyes is all in a day’s shoot or day’s adventure.
Then comes my absolute favorite part of all in this creative process: the editing process. Here comes that feeling again! It’s bubbling over inside! I can feel it and can hardly contain myself! The anticipation and excitement having built up to the pressure point. I take my camera out of the backpack I got for my birthday a month ago; I open the door on my camera to eject the memory card. I insert my memory card into my computer and copy all the files over to a folder on my hard drive. Next, I throw some music on, get in the right headspace and begin to put my personal touch, or “digital signature” if you will, on each of the images I have captured during the course of the day.
The moment of magic, when what I created in the camera that day comes to life on the screen in front of me! To be able to get these images from camera to canvas is just pure joy for me. Creating images that invoke feelings and thoughts. It’s such a natural high!

New Paths - On The Journey to Success

Have you ever had an idea or vision in your head of how things should go exactly and then realize it was very different from how things were actually progressing in the real world? Well that’s where I am right now with my photography business. I am sure there are a ton of people out there who have struggled with or gone through the same thing. I am stuck at the proverbial fork in the road, one path will lead me down the same route I am on right now with little to no progress and the other will lead me to progression in my career with some help.

I am anticipating my photography career to be a long and winding road. Soon I will embark on a new and exciting path and I am so excited and open to all the challenges and possibilities which I am sure will come with this new adventure. I am ready for a change in paths and ready to embrace the unknown of where this is going to take me.

There is nothing wrong with asking for help from people, if you ask, you will find that most of the time people are more than willing to help out with your journey. I am speaking of mentorship! I have decided to try mentorship and I couldn’t be more excited, nervous and scared for this new path and change. As I mentioned in my previous post, change is a good thing and we need to embrace that change and take the opportunities that come our way with vigor and enthusiasm.

Mentorship can only be a very positive thing, when you think about it, this is someone else who has been in the same or similar position you are now and they are willing to bestow their knowledge and life experience upon you, giving you the guidance you need to help you succeed. Your mind will be opened to new possibilities, thought processes and approaches to work and business. How can this be anything but a positive experience? I am looking forward to it and all the possibilities that could come my way on this new path.

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