Male Boudoir Photographers - It's NOT a Man's World

Now I am fairly new to boudoir photography and when I say new I mean I have done a handful of shoots.  I know there are lots of guys out there who aren’t photographers at all but think wow that is so cool and what a great gig that would be. Believe me I have even heard that from a few friends. You get to photograph half naked women in lingerie, look at sexy women all day and so on. While yes this is true I photograph women in lingerie this is not what it’s all about for me, not at all!

When I am shooting a session I am not even thinking about how sexy the woman is or anything like that because I am too busy focusing on posing her.  I am making sure the lighting works for the shot and ensuring my camera settings are correct in order to make certain I get the shot as close to perfect “in camera” as possible. I really don’t have time to be concerned about the other stuff especially when I am in the zone shooting, interacting with my subject.

I know that some people would balk at that and say I am bullshitting and it must be at least part of the intrigue and interest but it really isn’t. In all honesty for me it is truly about making the women who get in front of my camera feel comfortable in their own skin.  Feel beautiful, help them build their confidence, help them love their bodies.  Ultimately I want them to be happy with the images/art I create for them and if I can do that for EVERY woman that gets in front of my camera then I know I have done my job as a photographer.  I will have helped another person to realize their self-worth and beauty and that my friends is the icing on the proverbial cake!

All In A Day's Shoot - The Anticipation

Ever looked forward to something so much that you were just bursting?! Literally bubbling over?! Remember that feeling you got as a kid on Christmas morning?! You know the one where you just can’t sleep and you woke up at 5am just dying to rip into the presents! After a day of shooting that is the feeling I get. EVERY TIME.
There are so many components to MY creative process. It might start with an idea, an image or even just a simple walk. I so enjoy the solitary act of being out there walking around the streets of downtown Toronto my camera in hand, all alone, enjoying the sites, smells and sounds of the city. There is something to be said for having that time to myself to go out and create. To be able to document the things I see through my eyes is all in a day’s shoot or day’s adventure.
Then comes my absolute favorite part of all in this creative process: the editing process. Here comes that feeling again! It’s bubbling over inside! I can feel it and can hardly contain myself! The anticipation and excitement having built up to the pressure point. I take my camera out of the backpack I got for my birthday a month ago; I open the door on my camera to eject the memory card. I insert my memory card into my computer and copy all the files over to a folder on my hard drive. Next, I throw some music on, get in the right headspace and begin to put my personal touch, or “digital signature” if you will, on each of the images I have captured during the course of the day.
The moment of magic, when what I created in the camera that day comes to life on the screen in front of me! To be able to get these images from camera to canvas is just pure joy for me. Creating images that invoke feelings and thoughts. It’s such a natural high!

Creative Slumps - How Can We Dig Ourselves Out?

As an artist I am always seeking ways to be and stay inspired. This can prove to be a very, very tough thing to constantly maintain. It’s very important to remain on track and not get discouraged, otherwise you will end up falling down the proverbial rabbit hole known as the creative slump or creative block.

How are we supposed to stay inspired you ask? Well for me as a photographer, I take to the internet and peruse the millions of images out there for ideas and inspiration. I will sometimes listen to music that I love, of all different genres. Music, I have come to find, can inspire a mood, thought or idea which in turn lead to creative bursts. Pinterest could be another source for inspiration. Take a look at other artist’s boards and it doesn’t have to be an artist who works in your particular medium. You can find the inspiration for creativity in many places, you just have to open your eyes and mind and pay attention to your surroundings sometimes. Your next great work of art could be staring you right in the face and you aren’t even aware of it.

Some other possible avenues to explore are just plainly talking to people. Conversation can be a great initiator for ideas. Try reading the newspaper! It may spawn an idea from current events which could turn into an idea to perhaps work on a charitable project. There are many ways to pull ourselves out of those horrible dark creative slumps, we just have to be willing to do the work to pull ourselves up and out.

I will be the first to admit, it’s not always easy to cut through all the noise, focus and come up with ideas but if you just take a moment, step back and are ABLE to see the forest for the trees, you just may be pleasantly surprised with what you can create.

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