Jen Rozenbaum Episode

In this 6th episode I interview the amazingly talented Jen Rozenbaum. We discuss body positivity, empowerment, boudoir photography, cancer and being an entrepreneur.


Jen Rozenbaum embraces her femininity while allowing women to embrace their own. By daring her clients to shed their clothes, they begin to shed their inhibitions. In the last ten years, Jen has found a burgeoning audience in the intimate photography market and is now sharing her shamelessly feminine movement with women worldwide. She proves that you can own your world if you live fearlessly, think audaciously and act spontaneously.

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Marcy Ferro Episode

In this 5th installment of Empowerography I interview Artist/Author, You Tuber Marcy Ferro. We discuss art, entrepreneurship, success and advice.


Marcy Ferro is a full-time artist, born and raised in Los Angeles. Marcy began drawing at a very young age and painting with oil paints around the age of six. She took every art class available at school including sculpting, drawing, painting, dance, acting, and many others in the field of the arts.

 Around 2007, Marcy began practicing with acrylic paints and became enthralled with mixed media. She began creating custom portraits and mixed media paintings for friends and family, and her career as an artist began to grow.

 Marcy is now the owner of a successful and growing YouTube channel, Mixed Media Girl, where she teaches acrylic pouring and other art techniques with video tutorials. She also teaches others how to make a business with their art through her YouTube channel, The Business of Art, and is the author of Mixed Media Girl’s Tips for YouTube Success.

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Crystal Mitchell Episode

In this 4th installment of Empowerography I interview Boudoir Photographer Crystal Mitchell. We discuss boudoir photography, life , entrepreneurship and humble beginnings


Being Creative has its challenges, I have struggled trying to fit in and tame my creative style my whole life. That being said, I felt unfulfilled, unhealthy and most important unhappy. So my question to myself was, "what do you do to change this?" The answer stood right in front of me, harness your love for art, and photography and really dig in to create something powerful and meaningful. So beginning my journey a couple years ago, I started creating, envisioning, and altering the perception of what Boudoir really is all about. I have been submitted and won a dramatic amount of awards from composition, style, retouching, and all the way to artistic outlook.

I have a love for Intimate Photography that will really showcase my capabilities, and accentuate the form of a body in all its perfect and imperfect, perfections. I want every person to feel like a goddess, for themselves, or their spouse. So here I am accepting new gorgeous clients to feed my creative output and reinstate their love for themselves! Women especially leave themselves by the way side when dealing with life, they have a entire list of expectations they have to hold themselves to. How do I know this? I am one of them! I have 2 beautiful boys, I am a cook, homemaker, business owner, doctor, lawyer, and an everything fixer in my home. I forget about beauty and what it takes to feel good, so I know that other women feel the same way. So I break rules, piss off the norm and drop walls of cookie cutter views, because there are no rules in art, there is no ONE single common design, and I like my imagery to make everyone question.

Leanne Townsend Episode

In this 3rd installment of Empowerography I interview divorce attorney Leanne Townsend. We discuss the law, life and humble beginnings.

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Leanne Townsend is a family law attorney in Toronto. She also offers relationship and divorce coaching using a holistic perspective.

Leanne is regularly interviewed in the global media and has been featured in Lawyer’s Daily, Divorce Magazine, Daring Woman Magazine and she has been a guest expert on a number of international radio stations and podcasts on topics including abusive relationships, divorcing a narcissist and divorce recovery.  In addition, she has spoken at a variety of events focused on women empowerment and juggling motherhood with a career.  She also has her own blog where she writes about dating, relationships and family law issues.

Leanne has degrees in political science, education and law.  Her biggest pride and joy is her two teenage children who she lives with in Toronto, Canada.  In addition to her business, Leanne is passionate about fitness, travel and lifelong education.






Anna Johnson Episode

In the second installment of the empowerography podcast, I interview Anna Johnson. A boudoir photographer/marketing and branding specialist based out of San Diego CA. We talk about photography, branding and marketing and life before photography.

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After giving up her Pediatric Nursing Career Anna became the founder of one of San Diego, CA top wedding photography company "Blessed Wedding Photography" and premier boudoir studio "Boudoir Ego." In 2 short years Anna has been recognized in her community as a leading force in the wedding, engagement, and boudoir photography industry. She has been seen on Fox5 San Diego, and featured in multiple publications such as Rangefinder Magazine, Ceremony Magazine, Brides Magazine, San Diego Style Weddings Magazine, Exquisite Weddings Magazine, AIBP Top 40 International Boudoir Photographers Book, Inked Online, Sexy ink Magazine, Dark Beauty Magazine, and the cover of AIBP Philosophe Magazine along with many more.

With Anna's easy going personality and ability to make clients feel beautiful along with her drive to see images printed, it's no surprise that she desires to help new photographers and small business. Anna is a true branding expert with her expertise and education she gets to share her love of business and help others develop professionally. Her background in psychology helps her understand client needs and desires from the clients perspective thus helping business create a "Brand" with meaning and value.  


AmberLee Fuller Episode

In the premiere episode of Empowerography my guest is AmberLee Fuller of AmberLee Boudoir we discuss entrepreneurship, boudoir photography and life.

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My passion for photography began with a Barbie 110 film camera back in 1983. I have dabbled in many facets of the business from journalism, food, families, seniors to now settling into Boudoir. I began mentoring and teaching camera basics in 2013, specializing in photography on a dime and social media engagement.

I am a Mom of 6 AMAZING kiddos ranging in age from 8-23… they are rock stars and push me to always learn more and create out of the box images.

You can find AmberLee’s work and social media accounts by following any of the links below