Boudoir Advocates


I was having a conversation with another photographer and friend of mine awhile bakc and we got to discussing boudoir photography, which by the way we both shoot full time.

What started our conversation was the fact that a certain photo contest does NOT allow boudoir photography.  This infuriated both of us because firstly, why the hell not and secondly it allowed maternity boudoir!?  My friend then proceeds to tell me that when checking out some of the images, she noticed a photo of a dead baby at 12 weeks gestation that was competing. I said: “Wait, what?? Are you kidding me? So that type of image is allowed to be entered into a photo contest?  Maternity boudoir is allowed to be entered but NOT straight up boudoir? How is that even right? Who decided this and WHY?”

We then proceeded to talk more about how boudoir photography isn’t properly recognized as an art form like other genres of photography.   Unfortunately, it is still viewed as sexualizing women, dirty or slutty photography which couldn’t be further from the truth. This viewpoint was also demonstrated by an online conversation between my friend and other members of the group/company/page that was running the photo contest. This is an incredibly narrow minded and sad viewpoint on OUR genre of photography.

It angers me that boudoir photography still isn’t even represented in the proper and deserving way it should be at all the BIG photography conferences that happen around the world. It is so frustrating to think that what we do as photographers isn’t respected or doesn’t garner the same respect as other genres of photography.

Something has to change.  There needs to be a shift in thinking in our industry as well as outside the industry. We need to start educating people on boudoir photography and ALL the benefits of it. We need to start talking about it more, share the benefits of boudoir photography. There are FB Groups out there like AIBP that focus solely on boudoir photography and those are all amazing but MORE needs to be done in order to bring awareness to this beautiful genre of photography.

We boudoir photographers need to UNITE and start being ONE VOICE for boudoir photography and begin spreading the word further and wider. My friend and I decided to start a new page/group called Boudoir Advocates United in order to help spread the positive message about boudoir photography and help educate people. We want women, men, past clients AND other boudoir photographers to join the group and help in this mission.

This is a very important cause/mission to me and I would love YOUR help with spreading the word. Voices get louder and are heard more in numbers so please if you are interested in learning more about the group or joining the group click the link below and join the group.

Let’s spread the word about this incredibly amazing genre of photography and help to make it more mainstream and NOT frowned upon or looked down upon.

Gallery Representation - Is It Right For You?

In my short tenure as a “semi-professional” photographer I have managed to find myself gallery representation by two different galleries. Now I use this term to describe myself solely because I haven’t jumped into the “Professional” world with both feet because I still have a full time job.

These places are very different from each other in many ways. One of the two deals artwork in very specific sizes, only three to be exact. They also have the work on display by all the artists at all times. This one is introducing a brand new gallery concept to Canada. The other place has no specific size requirements for work, they also don’t display every artists work at all times and there are shows that each artist participates in throughout the year. The work for those are chose by the staff deciding which shows are fitting for the artists. It is of note that both of these galleries sought me out as a result of viewing my work on a website promoting a show I was participating in.

For almost a year I have been with one gallery and it really hasn’t been beneficial to myself or the gallery in terms of profit or exposure so I have decided it’s time to move on from there. I feel a year is a good timeline to judge and re-evaluate the situation and decide whether to continue and stay with the gallery or not. It was a great experience for me and I have learned from it. Not a total loss since I can walk away from it saying I have learned from the experience. The other gallery still has my work on display there for the last six or seven months. At least with this one, I can say my work is on display at all times.

The bottom line when all is said and done, in my opinion, gallery representation can be a great and very beneficial thing for an artist.

Right now, for me this early on in my career it’s more about the exposure, getting my name out there. I am set to partake in a big show that is geared only at photography which takes over the city for the month of May, this will be great exposure. Of course the money that comes with the sale of my work doesn’t hurt either. I would highly recommend to any artist starting out, if the opportunity presents itself and you are bold enough to go out and chase an opportunity such as this by all means, take it, you never know who could see and like your work!

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