Feel The Fear.... And Do It Anyway

I know for a fact my fears have prevented me from doing things.  When I look back on it, I wish I had simply thrown caution to the wind and done them.  So often in my life I have been scared to do something or try something new for fear of failure or any number of other ridiculous reasons.  I know have missed out on opportunities, lost out on jobs all because I let my fears get the better of me. I know I can’t go back and reclaim the things I have lost out on but I can stop my fears from causing me to lose out again in the future.

I am finding as I grow older and when I look back in retrospect, this has happened on more occasions that I care to admit to.  This is probably because when we are younger we don’t really know fear.  We don’t consider that we may fail or think about the consequences of our actions.  In this regard I am envious of young people.  Perhaps as adults we just need to try to find and embrace that fearlessness again.

Sometimes, as scary as it might be, you just have to leap before you look and see what’s down at the bottom when you land. As we have heard so often, there is no reward without risk. I know fear is an incredibly powerful thing and at times it can be paralyzing but perhaps if you are able to figure out how to flip it on its ear and use it to your advantage, the benefits can be life altering. I mean really, what’s the worst thing that can happen to you? Failure? Well you just pick yourself up, dust yourself off and try again.

Now I know these words are easy to say from behind a computer screen but I am also going to put my best foot forward and take a running leap and see where I land, with my photography, my business and life in general.  So if you are so inclined to join me on this journey of conquering your fears, embrace it, feel it BUT don’t let it overpower you. It’s not easy nor is it going to be but who said anything would be easy? The real fear is NOT trying! Fear can be a paralyzer or a motivator, which one will it be for you?


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It's OK To Turn Down Jobs - Knowing When To Say No

I was recently approached by someone that wanted to hire me for my photography services. Everything started out ok, you know the usual asking for pricing etc. I sent over my pricing sheet for a portrait shoot as requested and was immediately met with resistance. They started out saying the pricing was more than they wanted to pay and they could only squeeze a certain amount out of their budget.

I thought to myself, ok let me see what I can work out in order to help this person out. I have known the person for quite some time and decided I would do my best to be as accommodating as I possibly could. Without affecting my bottom line too much I would find a solution that would be mutually beneficial for us both.

Well much to my surprise, this person had a very different idea as to how things should be worked out, in fact quite a contrast from what I had in mind. I just couldn’t accommodate the request and feel morally right about the whole thing so I decided the best solution in this instance was to walk away from the entire situation.

I won’t need to go into details as to exactly what happened and the reasons as this is not the point, I just feel it is indeed ok to say NO to jobs and walk away. You have to go about it a certain way though. You could always offer up a reference for another photographer to do the job in the hope that you will be helpful with their need and you also potentially helped out another photographer. Always better to take the high road in these situations.

Not every client you come across will be “THE CLIENT” for you and your business. In the long run, distancing yourself from the torment of an unmanageable client far outweighs the monetary benefits of the job. Sometimes you just have to SAY NO!

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When Oppotunity Knocks - Should You Answer The Door?

Just because there is a knock at the door doesn’t mean you have to let them in however you should open the door each and every time. It doesn’t cost anything to open the door except for maybe a few minutes of your time.

Opportunities come in all shapes and sizes and from many different places and sources. Some can lead to bigger and better things and sometimes they go nowhere. As the saying goes, nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Over the past while there have been quite a few knocks at my door and I have probably answered about 85% of them. Some have lead to great things and others have taken me nowhere but I am fortunate to learn from each and every one of them. Sometimes you just have to take a chance and gamble.

I have recently been presented with a great opportunity. Not only does this one pay it also provides great exposure. Now that’s a great thing but to be honest with you. I am more excited about the possibilities that could come from this particular opportunity which could bring some very big things for my business and in turn take my business to a completely different level.

The point I am trying to make is, when you are presented with an opportunity you should really look at all the angles, possibilities and the pros and cons before you make any hasty decisions. Maybe it doesn’t pay much but it has potential to lead to much bigger and better things down the road. Sometimes sacrifices are necessary in the short term to get where you want to be in the long term.

If opportunity knocks on your door, answer it. You may just end up being pleasantly surprised with who is knocking!

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Change - Why Are We So Scared Of It?

Nobody ever said it would be easy, but they also say nothing worth having comes without a fight! Sometimes we need to make changes in order to attain the things we want.

Change is a very difficult thing for us to deal with. We as humans are inherently creatures of habit and most find that change can turn our worlds upside down. Most people don’t deal with change very well. I think part of the resistance to change and probably the biggest component is FEAR. The fear of the unknown scares us to death. The fear of shattering our comfortable little world and existence we have built for ourselves or cocooned ourselves in.

I myself am guilty of this reluctance to embrace change, as I am sure many of you may be as well. I am here to go on record and say, it’s time to break this spell I am under. No more letting fear paralyze me into staying in my comfort zone. It’s time to do this in all aspects of my life: work, art, relationships and everything in between. I am going to start embracing change and doing the things that will take me out of my comfort zone. Good things can come from this and I urge you to join me in this rebellion. No more being in a box! Step outside and see what kind of things can open up for you! Open your mind and embrace it!

Next time you are presented with an opportunity or something out of the ordinary, take it upon yourself to give it a shot. You will be happy you did and you never know what may come of stepping outside your comfort zone. Remember the old adage, nothing ventured…nothing gained.

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