Giving Back - It's That Time of Year

I was asked a few weeks back if I would attend and be official band photographer at a United Way Fund Raising Battle of the Bands event at a local club for some friends. This was a charity event so I thought why not do it to help out some friends, help out at a charity and at the same time hone my skills shooting a band in a live concert environment. Now I have had very little experience in this area so I thought this was an incredible opportunity to take advantage of. It was a win-win situation for everyone involved.

The band was awesome about everything and since I already knew them all it made things that much easier. They gave me full access backstage while they were getting ready and preparing to go on stage. They gave me complete creative freedom with shooting and just told me to use my better judgement and go crazy, just make them look good.

The night was a huge success for the United Way. There were raffles and prizes, guest judges, guest MC’s and a cheque presentation. You couldn’t have asked for a more fun evening and to top it off it was all for a good cause. It was an all around good time for everyone involved.

It was a great evening hanging out backstage with the band, having laughs and capturing that raw emotion and candidness backstage and on stage. I had a blast shooting and working with all of these guys. They are a great group of people and well worth the time I put into the event.

It’s events like this that make giving back so easy and so fun to do. I encourage you to take the time out and give back. It will make you feel great to know you helped out some less fortunate people and have fun while you are doing it. I know I did and I hope that in the images I posted below from the show, you are able to see just how much fun I had.