Memories - The Joy of Photography

I am sure that we have all at one time or another looked back at an old photograph and it instantly took us back to that exact moment in time. It was like you were teleported back and relived that one fleeting moment.

I have to say, I love the feeling I get when I am looking through old photos and am immediately taken back to relive and replay the moment in the photograph over again. Photos were created to capture that one moment in time that can never ever happen again exactly as it did. It is pretty incredible when you think about the power this medium. This art that has the ability to affect the human mind in that way is but one of the many, many reasons that I am so drawn to photography and love it so much.

The fact that I can do this for other people and bring them joy by capturing a particular moment in time. The ability for them to relive over and over again whenever they feel the need, gives me an incredible sense of happiness and fulfillment. For me to be able to still be excited and get excited about photography the way that I do brings me great satisfaction and an unimaginable sense of euphoria. When I sit and think about this, even though I have been shooting for a very long time it still blows my mind. There aren’t many other mediums in the world that allow people to do this.