A Different Perspective - Through The Eyes of a Photographer

The other day I had uploaded some images onto a photo site where people vote on them and you can win awards for your images based on this voting system they have in place. I had received a notification from the site telling me I had acquired a new follower. I looked into who it was and it just so happened to be a very good friend of mine who ISN’T a photographer. I was quite surprised at this and at the same time incredibly curious as to why he had joined the site to begin with.

I reached out to him later that same day and asked him. He stated in a very matter of fact way, he was curious to see the world through the photographer’s eyes. He continued to explain to me, he loves the way photographers see the world, it’s so different from everybody else and incredibly fascinating. He proceeded to tell me how photographers have the ability to capture a particular moment in time which can NEVER be captured again in the same fashion and preserve that moment. This fact both intrigued and captivated him.

What he said really got me thinking because I have never really thought about it however we as photographers see the world in a completely different light and it that statement couldn’t be more truthful. We see the world through the eye of our camera, our camera lens. This is a very unique way to view things and give people an alternate view or different perspective on an otherwise everyday subject.

It was a very interesting conversation which made me pause and think about the impact of what we see, show to the world and the affect that it has on people.

Image courtesy of ttgphoto.com