Testimonials - The People's Written Word

The other day I came across a question posted on social media, asking who uses client testimonials on their websites and why or why don’t you? The responses to this post were quite varied. It started me thinking, having just revamped my website and added a testimonials section to it. My previous site did not have a testimonials section but I had wanted one for quite some time.

I personally am pro testimonial. Now, I am strictly speaking from a photographer’s view point on this topic, of course this whole testimonial thing would work for a lot of different businesses. If a client takes the time to write a testimonial about the service or product you provided for them, why wouldn’t you post it up for others to read with the intent of bringing in additional business. It’s showcasing, in written word as opposed to visually, your work ethic, who you are as a business owner and your skill set. It shows potential clients that you and your work are appreciated and valued. It tells people what type of business you are running, how great you are to work with etc. and I think it’s a great idea to have feedback posted for others to read when they come to your site and are shopping around for a photographer.

I guess there are two sides to this coin though and these two sides beg the question: do testimonials work and serve their purpose? Basically testimonials are marketing, promotion and exposure for you and your business. When it comes down to it you and your talent are being put in the spotlight.

The other side of this, are the written words in your testimonials section of your website totally fabricated or complete bullshit? How is the client to know these statements are coming from actual people? Is there an ounce of truth to any of it?

Just some food for thought ad I would love to hear other people’s opinions on this topic! So what are your thoughts on the testimonial?


Image courtesy of kendba.com