Choosing The Right Vendors - Building Relationships

As a fine art photographer there are a few key relationships that need to be put into place, cultivated and nurtured. Not surprisingly these relationships are with your vendors. One of them being the printing company you use (if you don’t print your own work) and another one is the person or people that frame your work.

I am currently going through the process of trying to find a new framer since the one I have been using for a couple of years now has let me down on more than a few occasions as of late. I have decided it’s time for me to sever the ties and move on to find someone that is going to take as much pride in their work as I take in mine. You almost need to interview your perspective suppliers as part of the process, stop in at their places of business and check out their facility. Talk to the manager and people that work there. You are trying to build a long and fruitful business relationship with these suppliers.

Deciding which vendors to build these relationships with and choosing who you can entrust your work with can be a lengthy and daunting process. Believe me it will pay off in the long run doing the leg work up front. I mean, let’s be honest your pieces of work are like your kids and you don’t trust just anybody with your kids. These are the people who are going to help in making your work shine so be choosy when deciding. I cannot stress that enough to you, take the necessary time to do your research.

You want to work with people that have your best interest at heart. They are in business to make money, just as you are but they should care enough to help you make money as well. I mean in the end it is their name on the product also, so why wouldn’t they put their best foot forward?

When all is said and done, it’s going to be your name that is hanging on the walls of galleries and people’s homes.

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