Heartwarming photos of you with your kids aren’t frivolous- 
they’re a necessity.

Because to them, You’re too indispensable to be omitted from their past.


Just for Mom!

The Mother's Day project to make sure
YOU aren’t an invisible part of their childhood.

Just For Mom creates beautiful artwork of a busy mom and her children, so she can look back when her children have grown and not regret that she was always behind the camera.

Mark your calendars for April 29 & 30th

This is our inaugural year, we have 2 dates open for sessions. Be sure to book your Just For Mom Session before all of the spots are gone.

Your Just for Mom Package Includes:


15-20 minute portrait session of you and your children showing off your warm, loving relationship

Heartwarming question & answer pages so you can remember what was most important to you about your children during this time of your life, and can feel how much your kids appreciate you with their answers.

$47 portrait credit toward your artwork of choice - great for hanging on your wall or giving as gifts (online ordering)

Free 8x10 artists choice word & image collage - The mixture of beautiful photographs and handwritten words from your children and by yourself will bring back the intricate moments of life “back when” ($95 value)


until April 10th then changes to $127

* Sessions are non-refundable.
* $97 is the session retainer.
* Portrait credit must be used within 2 weeks of the images going online for selection.
After that time, the credit will be forfeited.


Just For Mom FAQ:

How do we book?

You can send me an email with your desired date and time and reserve your session by submitting the form below.

What should we wear?

We will send out detailed instructions on how to dress after you book your session! We will talk about why you SHOULDN’T “match” perfectly, and instead, how to balance a color palette of multiple colors and patterns to look great together.

What is the 8x10 artists choice word & image collage?

It is a collage of you and your child/children’s answers from the session. We scan the documents and put them in a collage with our favorite image from the session. This 8x10 is heartwarming, and really what the session is all about! 

How do I use my print credit and order more prints from the session?

2-3 weeks after your session, we will place 6-10 images from your session online. We will notify you through email, and you will have two weeks to use your print credit and order your images.

When should we arrive?

We recommend arriving 10-15 minutes before your scheduled session time, so that you can fill out your question. Since the sessions are on such a tight schedule, anyone arriving more than 5 minutes late for their session will forfeit their session retainer.

What happens if we need to cancel or reschedule?

Because we have such a limited time frame for these portraits, the session retainer is non-refundable. If we have more available dates specific to the Just For Mom sessions, we can reschedule as long as you give us at least 48 hours notice. No-shows forfeit the entire session retainer. Anybody more than 5 minutes late for their session will forfeit their session retainer.

Can I give this session as a gift to my wife or mother?

Absolutely! Just fill out the form below, using your own information. After you successfully purchase the session, send me an email at brad@visuphoria.ca letting me know you are using this as a gift. At that point I’ll mail you a certificate you can give as a gift.

Can I include my husband or partner?

You can email or call us about a traditional portrait session if you would like a complete set of family portraits with your husband or partner. These sessions also include portraits of your children together, individuals of your children, and you and your partner. Let's keep the Just For Mom about the mothers!

Name *

The "Naked" project

NO Makeup or Hairstyling or Image Retouching, only YOU. This project is centered on self-love and eradicating  the “stereotypes” that have been perpetuated about what beauty is.




Answer the following and bring the answers with you:

  1. Tell me three things you love about yourself? (physical or personality traits)
  2. Tell me one thing you dislike about yourself and why? 
  3. When was the last time you had your portrait taken?
  4. Choose 3 words that describe you
  5. What do you want to remember about YOU right now?


Please come with a clean (naked) face, clean&dry hair, and clean nails (or freshly manicured in a neutral color).

Please wear neutral clothing... Blacks, greys or whites... along those lines.

A mix of simple and sexy, sweaters, tanks, form fitting garments or anything else  you would consider your go to outfit or whatever makes you feel great while wearing. Bring what you feel comfortable in.

Your photo session including the interviews will be 30 minutes in length, and include 2 outfit changes. Please ensure your assignment is complete before your shoot.


What's In it for you?

Since this project is of a personal nature, there will only be a $35 fee associated with it in order to cover studio rental costs. Despite that, you must sign a model release in order to participate.

*For the $35 fee you can send an email money transfer to brad@visuphoria.ca*

For participating you will receive 2 - 4x6 prints of your favorite images from the shoot with an option to purchase additional images at $50/each or $500 for the entire 20-image gallery. If you decide to pre-order the full gallery, you will receive a FREE 8x12 metal print of your fav image from your photo session.

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Desired Date of Session
Desired Date of Session


2018 Brand Ambassador Application

I am looking for personable, body positive, passionate, extroverted women who have no problem sharing their boudoir images through their own social media outlets and post across all social media platforms, so think it through before you apply!



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