We Are All Photographers Until You Put it in M Mode

Manual Mode.jpg

I have seen this meme, this argument so many times on social media as of late and in the past as well and it always makes me laugh! 

The Apple Iphone X was just cleared to claim it can create studio quality portraits. There are photographers who shoot only using a cell phone. Billboard images have been created using a cell phone camera.  Movies have been shot using cell phones.

I mean, back when I started shooting I was shooting on film.  You HAD to think about the shot, lighting, settings, composition, your ISO settings, your aperture etc. There was NO auto mode but that’s beside the point.

The camera used is just a tool.  It’s up to the one who is using the tool as to how it is going to be used. Does it really matter what mode they shoot in? Isn’t the goal to create/make beautiful images for our clients; for ourselves?

Every tool has its place and every mode on the camera has its use.  Who really cares as to what mode other photographers are shooting in?  Shouldn’t you really just be worried about your own tool and how YOU are using it? Insert snicker here.

I don’t understand this constant focus and concern with what all the other photographers are doing.   Who the fuck cares?  Just do YOU! YOU are your only concern and competition.  Stop worrying about others. Maybe if we all did that, everyone would be much happier, much busier and enjoy what they are doing more!

I think we all need to stop focusing, bitching and complaining about the technology being used and “HOW” it’s being used and just get out there and “CREATE” beautiful photos PERIOD!