You Have But One Life - Make the Most Of It

This morning being Friday, I got into work and as per usual, I went down to the kitchen and filled up my water bottles and toasted my bagel. Every day or pretty much every day, it’s the same routine: get my water, get my food and back up to my desk to start preparing for the day to come. This particular morning was a little bit different, my routine had not changed but someone said something to me that really made me pause and think.
Now this person usually says the same thing to me each day in passing. On Monday’s she will say: “ahhhhh Monday, it’s Monday again” and then similar things each day as they pass and draw us closer to the weekend. Then, on Friday she says: “Yeah Friday! It’s the weekend!”
Now I am sure we are all guilty of saying similar things at one time or another in our lives, I know I have. For some reason, on this day it really struck a chord with me and I have no idea why, but it did. The more I thought about it, the more I realized this is a terrible mindset to have in life.
You always hear people complaining about Monday mornings and then rejoicing when it’s Friday. The weekend is finally here! People for the most part are living for the weekend. Isn’t that kind of sad?
Think about this for a minute. We only have so many Monday’s on this earth. Why would you be unhappy and miserable about ANOTHER Monday coming around? Shouldn’t you be happy you woke up on the green side of the grass and are able to put your feet down on the floor another morning? You are basically saying you are just existing in life and all you have to look forward to is Friday and the weekend because you don’t have to go to work!
There is something wrong with this thought process/state of mind, wouldn’t you agree? Something has to change! If that is all you are looking forward to, get out and do something different! Leave your job if you are unhappy with it. Find something else that makes you happy, something that satisfies you.
I know that is much easier said than done but consider this: you have but ONE life, why the hell wouldn’t you want to actually LIVE it and make the most of it?