Don't Judge A Book By It's Cover - Get To Know People

I was chatting with a friend/co-worker the other day, you know, just idle chit chat back and forth. How is the family? How is work going? Things of that nature.

My friend asked me how my photography is coming along, how is the business doing and how things are progressing with a particular gig he knew I was working on. I told him things were going well and the gig was 98% of the way done. We talked about a couple of more prospective jobs that I had my eye on. We bantered back and forth for a bit and then the conversation took a bit of a turn to a deeper level. This led us in another direction in the conversation and became the inspiration behind this particular blog post.

In the midst of him relaying a story to me he let me in on a bit of information about himself that I had no idea about. It was completely related to the story he was telling to me but it was something I never would have ever thought or had a clue about him. Turns out he was a comedy writer for Rodney Dangerfield back in the early days of his career. I was completely shocked and blown away.

I would have never imagined that an IT Account Manager could have been a comedy writer in a “past life”. Who would have thought? Although, I think the same could be said for me. I don’t think many people I encounter in my day to day life at my full time job would have the slightest clue that I run a photography business on the side unless they know me very well or I had shared with them this bit of information.

I find it funny most people don’t usually take the time or even show an interest in getting to know details about the people they work with, see or encounter on a regular basis in day to day life. I know I am going to start to take notice and take some time now and again to get to know things about the people I come across in life. You never know, a simple conversation could change or enhance your life in ways you never imagined. I know it may not exactly be life changing but just simply talking or listening to someone could make all the difference in the world in a person’s life.

I think we could all use some of that in our lives. Just some food for thought people!

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