Social Media - "Art" and The Internet

There is certainly no disputing the fact that social media has exploded in the past 3-5 years. It seems it has taken on the form of what can only be best described as an unrestrainable beast and is continually growing and evolving.

Some people would say that social media, the internet and the advancement of technology have singlehandedly contributed to complete social incompetence. It’s quite ironic that something called social media has played such a large part in creating so many social introverts.

The fact it has helped photographers and artists alike reach a much wider and diverse audience than ever before cannot be argued. We can use our “smart” phones to snap photos, edit and stylize them and almost instantaneously share our “art” with the world. Thanks to the internet by clicking, tweeting, pinning, liking and trending we have a plethora of art at our fingertips. Nothing but a simple click of a button! Who thought it would ever be this easy?

Has this ease of access to art and the artists dulled our senses? Is the market now oversaturated with photography, photographers and artists?

Social media has increased visibility and made art more accessible to more people and this cannot be refuted. How can this be anything but beneficial to all people involved? Food for thought I guess!