Photography - The Importance of Portraiture

Photography isn’t something as simple as pushing a button and capturing a moment. I mean yes, that is the mechanics of it but there is so much more to it than simply pushing a button. Photography tells a story that we may not always be able to put into words. The photographs “speak” and allow us to leave a legacy.
Portrait photography is important and what we do as photographers IS definitely important. With a camera, we can bring out self-awareness. It gives us an opportunity to show people a beauty which they may have never seen or noticed before. Taking someone’s portrait can really help boost their self-confidence by showing them their beauty and truly making them feel beautiful!
The ability to do something like this can be life altering and that my friends, is something incredible. To be able to do that for a person makes you feel euphoric as a photographer. The over-all experience we provide for our clients in a photo session is just as important as the images we make for them.
Our job as portrait photographers is to take THE most beautiful image of you that you have ever seen and give you something to look back upon, something tangible that you will always have.
How many people can say in their job they get the opportunity to alter someone’s attitude or view of themselves, to make someone feel something they have never felt before?
When you put all this into perspective, it’s easy to see why photographs are so vital! Not only to document what is happening or transpiring but also to show people the real beauty that exists within all of us but somehow not always able to see. Nothing can be more rewarding that to help someone see themselves in the way that makes them feel proud and that is beautiful to me.