My First - Photos for Sale

There was this incredible feeling of excitement, anxiousness and nervousness all rolled up into a knot the size of what felt like a basketball in my stomach the night of my first show. It was my very FIRST showing of any of my work in public where people actually came to look at art. There were other artists in attendance but as far as photography goes, it was all me! I was the only photographer with work on display at this Open House Event.

It was a couple of years ago now and I had approximately 15 pieces on display I believe, a variety of pieces in subject matter and size as well. I felt very awkward standing there in front of my work on the wall, so every once in a while I would walk around the room, get some food, and make small talk with the select few people I knew in attendance throughout the evening.

The media was also present at this particular event. Now when I say media, I mean a local community events paper. I did a brief interview and they even snapped my picture in front of my work and mentioned me by name in the article. It was all surreal and really quite intimidating but I survived.

This event also happened to be the place that I sold my first piece of work EVER! I remember this feeling of complete elation washing over me when this person said she wanted to purchase one of MY photographs. It was a completely euphoric feeling knowing that someone actually wanted to purchase something I created. To draw a parallel, I guess this is how I imagine an adrenaline junkie would feel when they experience their first adrenaline rush. This was my version of an adrenaline rush and understandably I was on cloud nine for the remainder of the evening.

They say “you never forget your first”. I don’t know who “they” are and I am almost certain they weren’t talking about ART but it is very true.