Setting Up for Any Show - Preparation, Preparation, Preparation

Is the key to being successful at the things that we all set out to do in our lives. We must be prepared and anticipate because anything can happen. We can get thrown a curve ball at a moment’s notice and we want to be able to deal with those as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The reason I chose to write about this topic is because I'm setting up for a show this afternoon and figured what a great subject to discuss. If nothing else it will help me mentally prepare and go through the steps I need to, in order to make sure I don’t miss anything in my process. I always start out by making a check list of the items I need for my show. As I get each item ready or purchase what I need, I check them off my trusty little list (very proudly)!

The setup is always the most nerve wracking for me. Even though I have made out my list and checked everything off. While I am there setting up, I am still thinking in the back of my mind, do I have everything? Does everything look aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Did I price my work properly? These are all valid questions. At least I keep telling myself that during setup. Of course there are going to be times I have forgotten a thing or two but the main thing is to remain calm and figure out how to “hit that curve ball” out of the park and keep on going.

One very important aspect of the show that probably gets overlooked more often than not is the lighting in the venue, especially when displaying photography. Doing a site check well in advance is a great idea. Scope out the lighting, make sure there is ample lighting that augments the work that you are going to hang. This will only enhance the overall show experience for the attendees. If there is not sufficient lighting, you can always rent or borrow additional lighting and use it to accentuate your pieces.

A couple of closing thoughts, check, double check and triple check your list before you head to the venue to begin setting up for your show. Even check the items again as you are loading up your car or van. Always leave yourself extra time to get to location and get your booth assembled. It’s better to have more time than you need than not have enough. Good Luck with your shows!